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The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon Japan
The premiere of The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon represents a very delicate balancing act between the refined, elegant, simple, and pure approach of Japan’s culture, style, and traditions and EDITION’s passion, emotion, sophistication, perpetual subversion of the status quo, and desire to break rules to create something entirely new and that has never been seen before. As a result of this unlikely combination, a new entity emerges out of these two disparate approaches whose sum is greater than its individual parts. This symbiosis is what makes the end result so magical. The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon is a truly bespoke, custom-made hotel embodying the best of the East and the best of the West. It defies categorization and simply cannot be placed into a box.  It has its own unique and original identity. It’s an urban resort in the middle of a dynamic world-class, 24-hour, international gateway city filled with excitement and promise. Designed in partnership with renowned architect Kengo Kuma–the architect of the Olympic Stadium in Tokyo and many other iconic buildings–the hotel allows you to experience the essence and spirit of Tokyo without ever having to leave the premises.

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon brings together a dream-team collaboration between Marriott International, Ian Schrager, and Mori Trust, led by its brilliant visionary president and CEO, Miwako Date. It also marks a very special “homecoming” of sorts for Marriott International CEO Arne Sorenson and EDITION brand creator Ian Schrager. The opening is especially poignant for Sorenson, who was born in Tokyo and feels a special connection to the city, and Schrager, who has been profoundly influenced by and long revered the purity, simplicity, elegance, and refinement of Japanese culture and aesthetics. This has become the foundation of his career, evident throughout his work and many projects dating back to Studio 54 in 1977.

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon Japan

“Nothing makes me more excited than seeing the EDITION Hotel open in Tokyo, a favorite destination of mine and the place I was born. In partnership with Mori Trust and my friend Ian Schrager, The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon is a beacon of hope and optimism for the future, a place where thousands of travelers and local customers will be welcomed in the years ahead. Particularly in this time of complexity, the opening of The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon stands as proof that we will return – to travel, to togetherness and to joy,” says Arne Sorenson.

Schrager became devoted to the Japanese way of life, architecture, design, visual arts, and culture early on in his career in a very deep and profound way. It established a thread that continues to run through all of his work, even today. He has been fortunate enough to have had the incredible privilege and opportunity to work with and meet some of the most creative and brilliant Japanese minds and talents of a generation. In 1977 at the legendary Studio 54 nightclub, Schrager produced the first American fashion show for the iconic Japanese fashion designer Issey Miyake. It was a provocative, seminal event that featured all black models and was the first show of its kind. In 1985, he tapped then relatively unknown in America Japanese architect Arata Isozaki to design the Palladium nightclub in New York City, his first project in America. Drawn to his revolutionary use of materials and individualistic, iconoclastic, original approach to creating unique and exciting spaces and experiences, Schrager convinced Isozaki that a nightclub was the perfect canvas for a world-class architect, such as himself, as there is no discernible product other than the design itself and the experience created. Therefore, it is more about architecture and design than anything else he could possibly do. Schrager has also collaborated numerous times, including on The West Hollywood EDITION, with renowned British architect John Pawson who spent his twenties in Japan studying the culture and architecture; David Chipperfield who designed multiple Issey Miyake stores around the world; Fashion icon, Kenzo; and world-famous designer Shiro Kuramata whose influence and impact are still felt around the world today.

“I have always had a spiritual connection with the approach and aesthetics of Japan. Their rationality, their simplicity, and their restraint have been the foundation of everything I’ve done,” says Schrager, who recalls being captivated by the way the soft-spoken Isozaki could create such original and provocative spaces, something he also experienced working with Kengo Kuma on The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon and a project in Bangkok. “They are truly original thinkers but execute their ideas in such a humble and modest fashion. The end results are bold yet refined and shout in a quiet way. It’s a sweet spot that is completely seductive for me”, Schrager adds.

The hotel’s soaring public space was inspired by Buddhist temples and their structure, purpose, and organization. They consisted of a central courtyard surrounded by various other structures, each with its own specific purpose. This central courtyard was used for ceremonies, gatherings, communal prayer, and, in general, for people to come together and interact, congregate and create a community. It was a truly communal space and experience. 

In much the same way and to achieve the same goal, The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon’s two-story lobby, over 450ft (140m)  in the sky, is a centralized space that operates and functions not only as a new and modern gathering place, but is also meant to facilitate and encourage communal and social interaction in all of its forms. It is where the hotel comes to life with a palpable, high energy created by bringing a diverse group of people together from all over the world. Several eating, drinking, entertainment, and other experiences, each distinctly different in both look and feel, radiate from the Lobby in the same manner as the peripheral buildings do in a Buddhist temple. Each of these eating, drinking, and entertainment areas has its own individual reality, yet still feels like part of the whole, and each can be enjoyed separately or together,  all in one night. As with all EDITION hotels, lines blur between work and play, eating and drinking, talking and thinking, solitude and socializing.  

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon Japan

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon is also a microcosm of all the best that the vibrant city of Tokyo has to offer, with something for everyone, both a respite from the fast pace of city life and a lively and dynamic destination both day and night. Centrally located near the metro stations of Kamiyacho, Roppongi-Itchome, and Toranomon and steps away from Tokyo’s best neighborhoods and attractions, the hotel is housed within Tokyo World Gate, a new 591ft (180m), 38-story mixed-use skyscraper, where it occupies floors 31-36 and commands jaw-dropping unobstructed views of the Tokyo skyline and the absolute best view of the landmark Tokyo Tower from anywhere in the city. Guests feel as though they can reach out and touch the 1,000ft (305m) tower!

“We could not be more pleased to launch Japan’s very first EDITION hotel, a luxury brand renowned for capturing the vibrant essence and lifestyle of each one of its gateway locations. In Ian Schrager Mori Trust has found an ideal partner for developing and creating a distinctive property that befits our vision of Tokyo’s future. As a leading real-estate developer committed to the city’s dynamic growth, we are thrilled to welcome residents and visitors alike to this innovative hotel infused with originality,” says Miwako Date, President & CEO, Mori Trust Co., Ltd.

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon Japan

With an infinite array of possibilities, the 206-room hotel’s public space features over 10 distinctly unique entertaining and working spaces to suit every mood. The restaurants, bars, and entertainment areas are a cacophony of black, blue, and jade and were inspired by the precious stones and extremely rare elements—sapphire, Japanese jade, and gold. Throughout the spaces, authentic, natural, honest materials such as walnut, oak, bronze, travertine, glass, and silk are juxtaposed with yamato-bari, a traditional Japanese wood cladding, and exotic greenery to create an eclectic mix of elements that cannot be categorized as one type of design or look. However, there is a clear reverence to Japanese culture in the most subtle of ways.

The restaurants are spearheaded by world-renowned, award-winning Michelin-starred chef Tom Aikens known for his ability to creatively execute a variety of different cuisines from around the world in an inventive and totally original way. EDITION is thrilled to introduce him to Tokyo, his first foray into Japan. The BLUE ROOM, glamorous and romantic space with its luminescent sapphire and topaz colored upholstery—reminiscent of a painting by Yves Klein—high ceiling and magnificent, jaw-dropping views of the city, hearkens back to the glamour of old Hollywood. In another delicate balancing act, it provides a retro-chic feel, yet at the same time, it is a modern and innovative backdrop for guests to enjoy all-day dining. The JADE ROOM offers a totally original bespoke menu that is broad and diverse, giving a sense of the local flavors of Japan that is bold, beautifully curated, and well narrated. As is customary in Japan, both restaurants offer private dining rooms. 

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon Japan

Outside on The JADE ROOM + GARDEN TERRACE, is a transformative and unexpected ‘Sky Garden’ floating over 450ft (140m) above street level where guests are transported from the frenzied and dynamic pace of city life to a beautifully serene oasis and respite right in the middle of the city. With over 500 plants, trees, and shrubs comprised of 25 different exotic species including Asian Bamboo, Cherry Laurels, and Birds of Paradise, this magical space might just be the largest skyscraper garden in all of Tokyo. 140 tons (127,006kg) of fertile soil were brought all the way in from Saitama Prefecture just for this one-of-a-kind project. The outdoor restaurant will serve a small menu of sharing dishes, while the bar will offer a selection of specially curated cocktails.

GOLD BAR AT EDITION--ironically all black with deft flourishes of white and gold inspired by the design of a rare fine piece of jewelry--features blackened wood finishes inspired by Japanese yakisugi, a traditional method of charring cedar in order to preserve the wood, gold accents, a fluted black marble bar and white barrel-vaulted 16ft (5m) -high ceilings. The first-floor space with street access, transitions seamlessly from a relaxed lounge during the day, with an afternoon traditional Japanese tea ceremony, with a twist, and an all-day food menu, to a sophisticated cocktail bar in the evenings. The LOBBY BAR at the heart of the hotel will be a place for visitors and those living in the city to work, network, and play in an open, yet intimate environment, overlooking Tokyo Bay and the Tokyo Tower. Both bars will serve exotic, fun, and original custom cocktails featuring flavors from around the globe, as well as an infinite variety of sake, enabling guests to enjoy a singular experience, or all distinct destinations, in one night.

Apart from the vibrant social and workspaces, the purity and simplicity of the guest rooms at all EDITION hotels feel especially suited to The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon. All 206 rooms, including 22 suites and several rooms with private terraces, offer unobstructed views of Tokyo Tower and Tokyo Bay with a neutral, ‘no color’ color palette of specially treated white oak and light gray, ivory, and silver textiles that evoke quiet zen-like luxury and relaxation. Adding to the urban resort atmosphere is the tranquil SPA offering healing and beauty treatments using products sourced and made in Japan; a 24-hour GYM powered by Technogym, and a white-tiled lap swimming pool and Jacuzzi, both bathed in natural light from an edge to edge clearstory skylight window above. For those who wish to mix pleasure with business, The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon has four meeting studios with state-of-the-art technology and projection screens, natural light, and urban views, divided by acoustically treated sliding partition walls which can be combined to create a large ballroom accommodating up to 250 guests.

“We wanted to do something that embodies the traditions of Japan, but also looks forward with design and visuals and brings a sense of the cutting edge and avant-garde, which Tokyo always does as well. We’ve created this energized resort in the middle of Tokyo, a beehive of activity where you can get away without ever leaving,” summarizes Schrager.

Room rates start from JPY 48,000 ++ per room, per night. Terms and conditions apply.

The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon. 4-1-1 Toranomon, Minato Ku, Tokyo 105-0001 Japan

PHONE +813-5422-1600 | EMAIL infor.tokyo@editionhotels.com

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