How to use a till, and other skills with these free online money games

ow to use a till, and other skills with these free online money games
Each time I visit the local shops for my usual grocery shopping, I always wonder how to use a till. 

Knowing to use a till (or cash register) is a simple skill that many can use especially if you want to work in retail. Most of the time, I prefer going to the self-checkout counter to pay my purchases, unless my friendly till lady is available then that’s the only time I opt for her aisle, pay my purchases, and have a little chit-chat.

I was curious to learn how to operate it so that I could share my skill with the shop I’ve been volunteering at during the weekend. I must build that confidence first.

During the week that I’ve been in isolation and recovery due to COVID, I found this website where I could learn how to use the till. This website not only teaches you about money matters but including learning some financial tips that you can apply in the real life.


grocery cashier online game

Grocery Cashier is a game where younger children can practice addition and subtraction along with monetary familiarity by operating a virtual cash register.

How it works:
* Each customer represents another level of the game. As you play longer the number of items you ring up increases while the time limit for each customer decreases.

* Enter the cost of each item as it comes down the conveyor belt, then tap the plus button.

* To enter payments, you must click on or press the buttons on the cashier rather than using a keyboard. If you make an error, there is a clear button you can use to erase the prior input.

* When entering amounts, you do not need to enter anything after the decimal if the product price is a whole dollar figure & you do not have to enter pennies for products that are priced in dollars and dimes.

* After entering all of the items click on the total button.

* If the customer pays via gift certificates you then enter the gift certificate amount and the minus sign. You do not make changes for customers who play with gift certificates. Simply enter the amount, and the negative sign, and then click the DONE button on the right.

* If the customer pays with money, you enter the amount they paid and then click on the Pay button. You then click on the bills and coins which are associated with the amount they are owed and then click the done button when you are complete.

What I learned from this game:
As much as I have knowledge in arithmetic, time pressure is a challenge. I learned to be precise and careful to enter the right amount and serve the virtual customer at the right speed. However, in the real life, I guess it will be more challenging and I expect that the pressure will be full-on. I don’t want to anger my customers. 

I enjoyed this game so much and helps to challenge my quick-thinking mind with numbers. 


cooking mahjong, online money games

Cooking Mahjong is a recipe-building game inspired by Mahjong Solitaire games.

How it works:
* Look at the top of the screen to see which recipes you must fulfill and how many of each you must make.

* Select open stones which are part of the recipe. Rather than selecting identical matching stones, you select the individual ingredients.

* Each time you complete a recipe the required count goes down by one.

* You can only use open stones to complete your recipes.

* Open stones are tiles that have no stones directly above them and at least one of the left or right sides is free of other stones.

* Open stones are denoted using a lighter background color, whereas stones that are not open have a darker background color.

* Play through 25 stages, completing all recipes on each before the timer reaches zero.

* When no valid open matches remain, the remaining stones are automatically shuffled.

* If you fail a stage, you can retry it an unlimited number of times.

What I learned from this game:
Just like working on a till (or cash registers), working in a kitchen and serving your customers' orders with time pressure is a challenge (not to mention peer pressure at the workplace). 

I enjoyed playing this game (I want to hit Level 25!) and just like classic mahjong, it is a good brain exercise and practices my photo-memory ability. 

Although I admit that each time I played this online game, I always felt the cravings for the foods from my screen. 


real estate tycoon games

In Real Estate Tycoon property prices rise and fall. Your goal is to profit from the arbitrage of buying low and selling high.

How it works:
In general, most buildings rise in value when they first appear in a straight line, then cool off and slow down their appreciation before turning south. As you get further into the game buildings appear more quickly and some buildings cycle in price multiple times.

What I learned from this game:
The real estate property business is still one of the most lucrative industries in the market. As the community keeps on getting bigger and bigger, so does the demand for good real estate, either for residential purposes, commercial, or investment. 

Hitting the right time is the essence of this game. My patience was tested by this game and wait for the right time to purchase a new (virtual) property or sell one for a profit. I experienced a lot of loss throughout the course of playing this game, and good thing it doesn’t involve real money. However, if I want to be as successful as Gina Rineheart, then I must focus on learning this trade.

There are other free online money games available (which you can visit here), and I can assure you that these are also safe to play with kids. 

No real money involved and not for gambling. We personally do not recommend any kind of bad vices here. 

We can assure you that you will be entertained with your time and learn a few money-matter skills with these games, just like learning how to use a till.

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