Getting Married during COVID, the LUCKIEST date to say I DO, and more Bridal Dress Inspiration!

12:45:00 PM
weddings during COVID

Loom Footwear Review: The Best Waterproof Sneaker You Must Have

12:50:00 PM
Loom Footwear, waterproof sneakers

We rescued a wallaby, and here's how you can help on saving millions of wildlife in distress this holiday season

12:39:00 PM
We Rescued a Baby Wallaby, and here is how you can help on saving millions of wildlife in distress this holiday season

Be Smart, and Invest your Christmas Bonus Wisely!

3:25:00 PM
Be Smart, and Invest your Christmas Bonus Wisely!

52Days of No COVID Transmission, and I made some facemask for Christmas!

1:27:00 PM
Christmas print facemask

From Australia to PH: How to Pack and Send Balikbayan Box via LBC Express - Sea Freight

1:21:00 PM
balikbayan box from Melbourne to the Philippines

How to Achieve a Relax and ZEN Mind with Plants

12:30:00 PM
Leafy Theory Australia

How I Upcycled White Shirts into a Dress, perfect for the COVIDSafe Summer

12:30:00 PM
sustainable fashion, recycled fashion

Sovereign Hill Ballarat, and Australia’s Life during the Gold Rush

1:00:00 PM
Sovereign Hill Ballarat
We visited Sovereign Hill, back in June 2020 observing safety, and social distancing. 

How I Got FREE Christmas Trees, and Turned them into Magic!

12:47:00 PM
free Christmas tree
I got a total of four (4) Christmas trees, ALL FREE, and here is my story.

25 Days of #COVIDFree – a road to COVIDSafe Summer

9:40:00 AM
DIY banana-print ruffled summer dress

How to Make Rainbow-Themed Crochet Christmas Baubles

1:00:00 PM
How to Make Rainbow-Themed Crochet Christmas Baubles

This Stay-Home Culture Gives me an Opportunity to Enjoy the Plantita Lifestyle, and why it is good for you too!

1:02:00 PM
gardening as a lifestyle

When life is full of roses | Morwell Centenary Rose Garden

5:09:00 PM
Morwell Centenary Rose Garden

Disney's newest Christmas Advert feat. the Filipinos Tradition of Christmas, and gives us so many feels

2:10:00 PM

Prepare some extra facial tissues...and huge your Grandma!

How Melbourne Wives Spends their time in the Philippines? Lots of Style and Champagne!

2:15:00 PM
The Real Housewives of Melbourne
These Aussie Titas experienced the Philippines' glitz and glam, and we can't blame them.

Warragul - Dairy Capital of Victoria

4:02:00 PM
Warragul, Victoria
Where is this place? Apparently, this is one of the beautiful places to live in Victoria.

Kennedy Oaks Day, and I Wore my Own Designed Dress!

2:55:00 PM
Kennedy Oaks Day
Hello everyone, and today is Kennedy Oaks Day, aka the Ladies Day!

Melbourne Cup Carnival 2020: How to Celebrate Derby Day Indoors, and Flaunt your Style on Front Lawn

1:38:00 PM
Derby Day 2020, Melbourne Cup Carnival 2020
Today is Derby Day!

Yellow Belle Dress | Upcycled Fitted-Sheet Dress

2:57:00 PM
sustainable fashion, upcycled fashion, recycling clothes
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