Sawaday - Sakura Moment in a Budget

Sawaday - Sakura Moment in a Budget

Since I started living alone and turn into an adult as I am, I’ve gained appreciation on different home scents available. You will always see me visiting the nearest home dĂ©cor place inside the malls, or next to the grocery’s home cleaning and scents section.

And one of the scents that makes me happy is the sakura.

The scent per se gives me many found memories and inspiration – I learned to fall in-love, became more creative and appreciate more experiences that tangible things in life, etc.

And of course, sakura gives me an unexplainable delight, maybe because its demure character but magical appeal gives so much inspiration.

And nothing is more relaxing than stepping inside a home smelling a fresh and clean room, after a whole tiring and busy day. You see, this little moment matters!

So you will understand my delight when I found this new home scent from the grocery section! This magical scent in a bottle called Sawaday is something that I love inside my home. They got two variants, this sakura, and the Japanese green tea (which I would try next time). And for just only Php159.75, this bottle lasts for two (2) months giving me welcoming good feeling every day, and night. 

Sawaday - Sakura Moment in a Budget

I got one inside my room next to my workstation, and two for my bathroom and walk-in closet in the next room. Ohh it was always a lovely feeling!

And another good thing about this bottle, you can reuse and refill it!

If I can’t find a Sawaday refill (which I hope they have), they I can refill any alternative scent.

Genius saving hack, right?!

Sawaday - Sakura Moment in a Budget
Try it also in your home or event in the office. And if you have pets at home, place this in the area where they always hang-out to neutralize the scent.

Sawaday - Sakura Moment in a Budget

By the way, you can buy these from SM Stores or Mercury Drug Stores. Love it!

Disclaimer: This is #Notsponsored post.

xoxo, Blair


  1. This sounds like a great scent there. I haven't seen any near me but I will have to check it out. Maybe i will give it to a female friend in my life.

  2. Replies
    1. True! Actually ubos na ang laman at pinalitan ko na ng downy! lol

  3. It's so cute. I'm so into scents lately (tita feels) and i'll try this nga.

  4. Who doesnt want sakura anyways! Aside from it’s cute attractive color is it’s very nice smell

    1. That's true. This sakura have a better scent that the green tea.

  5. I agree that nothing compares to arriving in a clean home which gives you peace of mind and relaxation. What more if the aroma is nice? Thanks for this suggestion. Im beginning to love scents too :)

  6. I just received some room sprays for review. I actually thought it's nothing important at first. Now that I'm using it, I felt that it's a great way to improve the ambiance of the room. I shall try yours too.

  7. wow!!! first time i fell in love with sakura scent was with issey miyake.. quite costly though.. id be happy to buy this fitem and kinda experience japan spring (at home) :)

    1. Issey Miyake is one of the best. I got one during my recent Hong Kong trip.


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