How I Practice Loud Budgeting in Style

How I Practice Loud Budgeting in Style
Apparently, according to the TikTok community quiet luxury is OUT, and loud budgeting is IN this 2024.

And I wouldn’t blame the kids for taking control of their expenses and realizing that it is time to be more responsible with their personal finances.

If you know about me, I hate spending money. Unless it is an orchestra seat ticket for my favorite opera or musical, or my quarterly visit with my dentist for my teeth cleaning.

Neither I feel a sense of guilt or ashamed of telling my friends and family how much I hate spending money like it’s an unlimited resource.

For me, loud budgeting is another way to describe intentional spending (or being a savvy spender!). I grew up in a humble home back in the Philippines, where I was always skeptical to see ice cream containers in the fridge because I knew it wasn’t always ice cream in it (usually my Mom’s defrosting meat, or fish) or wearing secondhand clothes that I got as a gift from my cousins in America, which during those days made-in-USA clothes are in very good quality. 

And as much as I love fashion, you wouldn’t catch me spending on trendy pieces or even luxury brands that most media push us to buy. But if you invite me for a girl’s day out to the op shop, then count me in!

I don’t have the FOMO for not wearing the latest fashion trend because I often make my own clothes using the materials I have in my stash. Upcycling is a huge part of my Australian lifestyle in which I freely express myself through upcycling clothes, reusing old textiles, and making stylish and bespoke clothes that I love and proudly live in my walk-in closet. 

How I Practice Loud Budgeting in Style

How I Practice Loud Budgeting in Style
I made this top using leftover textiles | This blue maxi skirt with a safari print is also my recent creation using the textile I bought at a discount from Spotlight.

In decorating my home, I often check Facebook Marketplace and many op shops around for unique pieces that I could add to my collection. Most of my art pieces are thoughtfully selected and cost less than $20. Although I truly admit that I am willing to spend more on buying the perfect mattress and pillow for our bedroom. 

When dining out with my friends, I don’t feel the pressure of spending beyond my budget. I think being surrounded by like-minded and mature people helps me to stay on my line, while at the same time enjoying their companionships.

That being said, cooking in-house with friends, and BYO plates + drinks are normal.  

How I Practice Loud Budgeting in Style

How I Practice Loud Budgeting in Style

Loud budgeting shouldn’t be a trend that comes and goes. It is a lifestyle choice born out of meaningful intention, and I reckon that it should be something to share with others. 

Loud budgeting teaches us to be kind to ourselves by not feeling that pressure to spend, and having a sense of peace and security, knowing that you’ve got a secured stash around when drought comes in. 

Have you heard about loud budgeting from your friends? Let me know if you have additional tips on loud budgeting trends!

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