This Mom gave real honest make-up review and it’s hilarious AF

real and honest make-up review
Attention Beauty Bloggers:

You better read and learn how to create a real honest (and hilarious review) for your recommended make-up.

This morning while browsing my feed, I came across this post from Mom Sarah Chrisp who shared her honest review about Urban Decay Cosmetics. She shared on Facebook how amazing the product line is, and also how much her 4-year old son enjoys it... tried and tested of course, well to the point she spends about 20-minutes scrubbing her son's body just to remove the make-up (talk about its lasting effect)!

Her review gained over 44,000K likes and hundreds of comments from fellow MUA and Moms worldwide!

Read her witty reviews below

real and honest make-up review

honest Urban Decay Cosmetics review
Mom Sarah's 4-year old son who enjoyed playing her make-up.

Bottom line is, Urban Decay eyeshadow palette is HIGHLY RECOMMEND!

After posting Mom Sarah's review on Facebook group page, Mom's worldwide got inspired and also shared their personal experiences

kids loves make-up
"Reminds me of when my daughter also gave herself a makeover. Funny how most of the time they know where it goes! Lol." - Ashley Higgerson

kids loves make-up
"My daughter used my Girl About Town MAC lipstick. I couldn't be mad at that smile though, and to be fair, a pretty decent application :D " - Mellissa Gordon

kids loves make-up
 "2 year old Aine clearly wants to be makeup artist... no premium brand left unused." - Deborah Doran

kids loves make-up
"Yes avoid leaving it out for 4 years old! (smiley emoji)  Although, I think my boy was going for the black eye look (smiley emoji)" - Autumn Brown

kids loves make-up
"Oh indeed! My three year old is a huge fan of matte lipstick... using it as an eyeshadow... and foundation... and well everything! He also loved my Mascara... and it was waterproof YAY" - Meghan Jaynes

kids loves make-up

"My baby was feeling pretty accomplished that she was able to reach for my too faced palette and whisper of gilt highlighter. My cutie! She ruined my makeup though she crushed my whisper of gilt all over the carpet." - Yahaira Navarrete

Kids do really LOOOOOVVES colors and we can't argue with that. And for Moms' out there, well you deserves brand new free make-up!

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