Explore the Wonders of Vera Falls Malinao in Albay Philippines

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Explore the Wonders of Vera Falls Malinao in Albay Philippines

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Inverloch – one of the best fishing destinations in Victoria, Australia

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Inverloch, Victoria Australia

Inverloch is an attractive seaside resort and fishing port, located east of Wonthaggi and across the waters of Anderson Inlet from the holiday town of Venus Bay.

Inverloch's main commercial center is around A'Beckett Street and extends into adjoining Williams Street, Ramsey Boulevard, and Reilly Street where a supermarket is located.

The town itself sits on the coast at the mouth of Anderson Inlet, a protected bay where the Tarwin River enters the Bass Strait. The shallow estuary creates a stunning turquoise color. The beach boasts a large expanse of soft sand and is backed by low grassy dunes. At low tide, you can stroll around the western headland to reach the surfing beaches.

The town was initially named Andersons Inlet after Samuel Anderson, who was the first European to settle in the area. It was later renamed Inverloch after Loch Inver (Lake Entrance) in Scotland.

Inverloch is also famous for the discovery of Australia’s first dinosaur bone (the Cape Paterson Claw) in 1903 by William Ferguson in Cape Paterson or what is now called Eagles Nest, Bunurong Marine National Park, Inverloch. Today there are still regular discoveries of fossils dating from as far back as the Early Cretaceous period about 120 million years ago. The site also draws both Australian and international visitors. More than 6,000 bones and teeth of small dinosaurs, mammals, birds, turtles, and fish have been excavated.

Eagles Nest, Bunurong Marine National Park, Inverloch

Inverloch's main foreshore reserve, known as The Glade, extends from the shops right down to the beach at the entrance to Anderson Inlet. Head west along the coast from there to several sandy beaches and rocky outcrops with shady picnic areas on the foreshore. Further west, along Surf Parade, is the Inverloch Surf Life Saving Club which presides over the town's surf beach. Heading east along The Esplanade from the town center leads to safe swimming and boating areas, a jetty, boat ramps, and foreshore parks. At the eastern end of The Esplanade is a car park that marks the start of the Screw Creek Townsend Bluff Estuary Walk. This track passes through coastal bushland and mangroves, with a section of boardwalk and a bridge over Screw Creek. From here, head north to fishing platforms along the creek or south to Townsend Bluff where scenic views over Anderson Inlet can be enjoyed.

Prior to the European settlement in Inverloch, the Bunurong Aboriginal people were custodians of the coastal area for thousands of years. The Boakoolawal clan lived in the Kilcunda area south of the Bass River, and the Yowenjerre were west of the Tarwin River along what is now the Bunurong Marine and Coastal Park. Middens containing charcoal and shellfish mark the location of their campsites along the coast.

Inverloch, Victoria Australia

Not to be missed is the 12-kilometer scenic Bunurong Coastal Drive from Inverloch to the seaside community of Cape Paterson, fronting Bunurong Marine Park. Regarded by some as a mini version of the famed Great Ocean Road, this coastal route offers spectacular views, untouched beaches, and interesting natural attractions that visitors can stop and explore, such as Eagles Nest, Twin Reefs, Shack Bay, The Caves, and Flat Rocks.

Eagles Nest, Bunurong Marine National Park, Inverloch
Eagles Nest, Bunurong Marine National Park, Inverloch

Whether taking the boat out on treasure-filled Anderson Inlet or fishing from the shore, Inverloch offers versatility for anglers of all levels. Inverloch is a seaside resort in Victoria’s Gippsland region that boasts an enviable location: spotted at the mouth of Anderson Inlet in Venus Bay. The town’s relaxing vibe ensures it’s the perfect place to dangle a line when on holiday.

It’s easy to be enthused about fishing in Inverloch – there is so much choice, both in what to catch and where to try your luck. While boating is a popular option, it’s not essential to get a bite in this area. There are great shore and surf fishing spots to take advantage of in Inverloch, and this leisure activity can be fruitful year-round.

In a game of word association with a keen angler, the word ‘Inverloch’ would more than likely produce the response ‘Anderson Inlet’. Australia’s most southerly mangrove habitat is bursting with an abundance of fish that includes a wealth of varieties. Among the many are mullet, trevally, King George whiting, flathead, salmon, bream, and gummy shark.

Two boat ramps are available for launching in Anderson Inlet; one at Inverloch and another at nearby Mahers Landing. If you don’t have your own vessel, boat hire and fishing charters are available. It is possible to land a catch from the shore around the inlet, but success largely depends on favorable tides.

Inverloch, Victoria Australia

Watch our YouTube video feature our drone footage capturing the beauty of the Inverloch.

Acknowledgment of Country:
We acknowledge the Traditional Owners of the Country throughout Inverloch and Victoria and recognize their continuing connection to land, waters, and culture. We pay our respects to Elders past, present, and emerging and ask that during your travels you respect these cultures, peoples, and land. 

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