Jill Stuart Cosmetics Spring 2015 Collection

JILL STUART Ribbon Couture Eyes Collection

The ribbon color takes gradation to the next level. Five eye colors that combine elegance with sweetness.

・A set of five eye colors that bring out natural cuteness; four easy to use gradation colors and one “ribbon color,” functioning like a ribbon to brings out your eyes. Can be used like an accessory to give your eyes an elegant and cute look.

・Rich in emollients and spongy power particles, all enveloped in beauty oils. Feels soft, light and irresistibly smooth during application. Blends evenly onto your skin as though melting into it, providing the perfect feeling of close and complete coverage.

・Richly formulated with pure, highly translucent power particles. Clear and vivid color blends into your skin, bringing you beautiful eyes. A semi-matte finish that goes well with all other makeup.

・Makes use of three bases, with a formulation that envelops emollients in beauty oils. The “souffle base” provides perfect skin coverage while increasing the hold of the eye color to be used next, while the “airy chiffon base” provides natural gradation to easily blend the soft and spongy power particles, and the “melty chiffon base” maintains the key “ribbon color.” Beautiful, lasting color also protects your eyes from dryness.

・Supplied with two double-ended applicator tips that pick up eye color well and adding gradation easy. Using a large tip for the eye base, a medium tip for the nuance color and a small tip for the shading and ribbon colors allows you to realize stunningly beautiful eyes.

・A square, sharp, mature shape combines with a silver ribbon accessory, the icon of “ribbon couture,” to create a “lady-cute” design that expresses both of these sides of femininity. The compact is decorated with an octagon cut stone topped with an arabesque patterned tiara, and glittering beads.

・Opening the compact reveals an arabesque relief on the four gradation colors and a three dimensional ribbon relief on the ribbon color.

・Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

JILL STUART Ribbon Couture Eyes Collection 

1. Engagement Lace - For sweet eyes with the blessed feeling of the promise of eternal happiness

2. Floret Tulle - For cute eyes like an overflowing field of pretty flowers

3. Vintage Satin - For natural eyes overflowing with the elegance of a vintage satin dress

4. Gemmy Cashmere - For elegant and refined eyes with the warmth of the highest quality cashmere

5. Hydrangea Chiffon - For refreshing eyes like the dignified early blooming hydrangea

JILL STUART Layer Blush Compact

Like flowers awakening in a wash of spring sunshine. A new blush color that brings you a pure luster.

Fringe Flower - A red gradation color that makes your cheeks look delicately flushed

・Light and smooth, like a fresh souffle. Blush color that allows you to easily realize the deep and lustrous finish normally only achieved by a cream blush.

・A flush-red color that appears to well up from inside your cheeks. A new red color inspired by the ribbon-like flowers of the witch hazel.

・"Smooth glow oil" provides a finish that radiates a graceful air, while "lucent powder" brings a luster with a real sense of depth, realizing the kind of moist, rich color normally achieved by a cream blush. Mix the four gradations and enjoy the exact kind of layers that you want.

・An emollient base which maintains the sensation of moisture.

・Supplied with a soft-touching special brush.

・A design evoking the concept of the compact being created from a single large emerald. An octagonal cut has been pressed into the surface of the blush and the brush attached with Swarovski rhinestone.

・Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

JILL STUART Lip Blossom 

As gorgeous as the flowers that bloom in spring. Lipstick that brings you pure lips.

Sweet Kalmia - A petal pink inspired by cute kalmia flowers (non-pearl)

Viola Mist - A mild reddish-pink like charming violas (non-pearl)

Pure Clivia - A light coral like gorgeous clivia * Main color

Feminine Lilac - A feminine deep red like rosy lilac (non-pearl)

Elegant Peony - A mature pink beige inspired by peonies(non-pearl)

・Lipstick that gently, lightly spreads across your lips, as though melting, providing a fresh luster and pure, bright color. New colors and a limited edition color inspired by flowers opening in the spring sunshine.

・ As refreshing as the dew from a flower, leading to you soft lips that feel as though moisture is welling up from inside.

・ Highly translucent and pure color that forms a plump, so-feminine lips.

・ A single application can provide lustrous lips, while subsequently tapping your lips with your finger also allows a matte finish to be enjoyed.

・ The design is themed in a mixture of Thumbelina, born from a flower, and vintage jewelry. An overall arabesque design of winding vines, and the surface of the lipstick is cut with a diamond shape.

・ Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.


JILL STUART Blooming Blossom Curl Rush Mascara

Like a flower blooming toward the sun. A new color comes to this film type mascara.

・Brings curl-keeping effect to your eyelashes, lifting them like a blossoming flower. A new color for this film type mascara, its airy feather formulation providing a super light covering for a beautiful long lasting finish.

・A formulation that includes softening wax reduces the burden placed on your eyelashes, creating a smooth and uniform covering.

・Formulated from a base that is highly resistant to lipids and water, maintaining curl without being affected by sweat.

・A film type that can easily be removed using just lukewarm water.

・Also contains pearl extract, gentle on your eyelashes. Brings you healthy and smooth lashes.

・A rich brown that gives gentle impression to your eyes.

・The frilly bottle is designed to evoke a larger blossoming flower. The center of the flower on the cap is set with a pink Swarovski.

・Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

JILL STUART Nail Lacquer

Bring the warm light of spring to your fingertips. Nail color that brings you pure luster.

Available is three (3) shades:

Shimmer Pearl - Pearl white with an elegant shimmer

Beading Ring - A sweet and sparkling pink  * Main color

Noble Corsage - A noble and gorgeous purple (non-pearl)

・Nail colors for both deep luster and clear, popping color that lasts. New and limited edition colors that allow you to enjoy the brilliance of spring flowers.

・A fresh base that is easy to apply. Spreads light and smoothly, for a uniform finish with no patchiness.

・Offers excellent, close coverage, for a beautiful finish that lasts.

・The new polish glow polymer composition dries exceptionally quickly. (Quick drying type)

・The lasting polymer responds flexibly to impacts to your nails or changes in their shape, providing beautiful color that lasts.

・Crystal Floral Bouquet Fragrance.

JILL STUART Spring 2015 Collection will be launch this coming Monday January 5, 2015. 
And will be available in stores on January 9, 2015. 

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