Worrying About Eye Bags? TWC 3D Eye Bag Removal Is for You!

TWC 3D eye bag removal

A great thing about living in today’s world is being able to enjoy innovative offerings and cutting-edge technology – except there’s no actual cutting involved in this one.

One of the Wellness Clinic’s signature treatments, the TWC 3D Eye Bag Removal, will remove even the most severe eye bags in less than an hour, without surgery. The procedure is a reflection of the clinic’s desire to redefine the world of aesthetics, where founder Dr Ram Nath has spent 15 years honing his craft and developing a holistic approach.

You might think that eye bags are a problem reserved for old age and poor sleeping habits, and you’re not entirely wrong. But there’s really no age limit, seeing that Dr Ram’s youngest patient was only 18 years old.

“Some patients are genetically predisposed to eye bags, and there is usually a clear family history,” says Dr Ram. “Such cases are rare, as most patients develop eye bags later in life.”

TWC 3D eye bag removal

An old-fashioned way to treat moderate eye bags was only a temporary solution, with fillers and botox, while more severe eye bags were resolved with blepharoplasty, a surgical procedure with over 2-4 weeks of discomfort and downtime in spite of good results.

The Wellness Clinic’s non-invasive procedure rectifies this problem in under an hour, with excellent results and minor swelling that will subside in only 2-3 days. With speed, precision, and a combination of proprietary methods including a subdermal laser and a high-intensity focused ultrasound guided energy, skin is tightened around the eye bags as the fats are lasered off.

The procedure’s name says it best. The 3D Eye Bag Removal by the clinic addresses three principal factors in the treating of eye bags: the fat under the eyes, skin laxity and skin pigmentation including dark eye circles.

As most patients have varying degrees of all three factors, the 3D Eye Bag Removal was designed to engage a three dimensional therapy that simultaneously addresses all three issues at once in a one-time treatment that does not require future maintenance treatments.

“Fat in the under eye area does not behave like body fat,” said Dr Ram. “It does not have the ability to regenerate once it is reduced. If the excess fat is treated comprehensively, then the fat protrusion should not recur - just as people who naturally never had excess fat in the under eye area never develop eye bags in their life.”

TWC 3D eyebag removal

According to Dr Ram, the tendency to have eye bags is often a genetic factor, though that definitely ties in with the more common causes including late nights, eyestrain and growing old. While some are genetically more pre-disposed to have them, others are lucky enough to go their entire life without significant eye bags. The reason for that, according to Dr Ram, is how excess under-eye fat tends to vary among people.

“About 40% of the population has large fat pads in the under eye area, and this is something they are born with,” said Dr Ram. “It is just a matter of time before the fat starts to push forward and appear as eye bags.”

“People who develop eye bags just look tired and it gives the impression that they live an unhealthy lifestyle even if they have good habits, which is why a lot of patients view treatment for eye bags as a necessity rather than a vain indulgence,” he added.

In addition to the revolutionary 3D Eye Bag Removal, The Wellness Clinic has also launched two new treatments to undo the damage of the harsh sun, especially with summer just around the corner. Dull skin, sun spots or freckles could be someone else’s problem, with TWC Luminous and TWC Spotless. These treatments are done in less than an hour and half and hour respectively, without downtime.

The Wellnes Clinic skincare

TWC Luminous revitalizes dull-looking skin with a unique Dual Yellow laser that minimizes pores and reduces pigments for radiant, lighter skin. Moderate wrinkles can be tightened with the radiofrequency technology, which stimulates collagen production, with a conclusion of light fruit acid peel for gentle exfoliation.

On the other hand, TWC Spotless would be better for those with severe pigmentation including freckles and sun spots. With Sciton’s BroadBand Light technology that targets these pigmentations and a laser technology for open pores and redness, the skin is left radiant, luminous, and better than ever.


  1. Plenty of sleep, lots of water, and a good moisturizer are my preferred treatments.

    1. yeah, same as mine but still my eye bags are still there perhaps its from the family.. my dad has it too! (sometimes I think my eye bags are my identifier, hahaha

    2. Definitely the plenty of sleep part! And importantly before midnight - they are the crucial hours.

    3. ... ironically over-sleeping gives me eye bags too! hahaha

  2. I think anything that can help in regards to beauty and feeling good about yourself that does not require surgery is always the better way to go.

    1. I agree, coz everyone is different, some beauty tips or treatments might not suit to others

  3. Thankfully I do not have a lot of days when I have to worry about eye bags but when I do have them I resort to tea bags. This seems like a good product though, preferably for people who have a lot of eye bag and other listed issues.
    xx, Kusum | www.sveeteskapes.com

    1. this TWC treatment is perfect for ladies who like instant results... nowadays, having short in-patience (and laziness) is a HUGE business to some!

  4. I'm only 22 but always have bags under my eyes- luckily it's nothing a bit of makeup can't fix. Anyway, it is a part of life after all!

    1. me too :D I got my eye bags since my grade school.. maybe its genetics :D

  5. Ladies, thank you so much so visiting my post! I am glad that some of you doesn't have problems with eyebags, and I'm glad that you can easily manage if you have it.

    @Kusum : I would save-up my used tea for my eyebags, Thanks for the tip!



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