3 Beauty Brands That You Must Watch this July

3 Beauty Brands That You Must Watch this Month of July
Check our the best of the best brand that you must watch and MUST-HAVE addition to your vanity table.

Get creative with your facepaint as Shiseido introduces fascinating products inspired by Japanese craft and techniques

Shiseido autumn/winter collection

Makeup today is influenced by so many things from Instagram trends to reality TV, so it's a tad unusual to find a makeup brand harkening back to traditional craft – such as Japanese calligraphy — as inspiration for creating novel products and tools. But that's exactly what Shiseido has done with its latest autumn/winter collection. First up, the brand has a new Inkstroke Eyeliner Color range. Drawing inspiration from the art of calligraphy, this new eyeliner collection focusses on three points: Precise application, smooth textures and deep colours.

In a unique gel-formula, the new eyeliner is designed to have a creamy, yet smudge-proof texture and comes in six shades influenced by the natural beauty of the Japanese landscape. Each shade is deep — there are no out-there brights — but have subtle nuances of colour. Shikkoku Black for example, is a lustrous and dramatic jet-black, that is a staple in any makeup bag. Meanwhile other options are a more adventurous without veering into unwearable territory. Empitsu Grey recalls graphite melting into canvas while Shinrin Green is as romantic as a mystical forest. Kon-ai Blue (below), takes its hue from a blue-indigo dye commonly seen in Japan.

Shiseido Inkstroke Eyeliner in Kon-ai Blue
Inkstroke Eyeliner in Kon-ai Blue, $46

But what's an eyeliner without the right brush  — after all you're not using your fingers to smudge this stuff on. The brand has created a curved brush inspired by a traditional Japanese ink brush. Each brush is handcrafted by artisans in Kumano, a place where the best ink brushes are produced. All the different elements that make the ideal applictor have been perfected, from the angle of the head (30°) to the firmness and girth of the bristles so it picks up the liquid liner well holds it. Talk about taking Japanese precision to the next level. The brush is truly a work of art in itself and a must-have for those who consider themselves eyeliner connoiseurs.

Shiseido Inkstroke Eyeliner Brush
Inkstroke Eyeliner Brush, $46

Finally if you're a fan of Japanese washi paper — and who isn't — then this next product will surely delight. Shiseido has a new Paperlight Cream Eye Color that is matte, yet translucent. It's inspired by the chiaroscuro effect of washi paper lanterns, that plays on the contrast between light and shadow. The translucent effect of washi is made from layers of mulberry fibre, and while these cream eyeshadows don't actually contain any paper they achieve the look with their shine-free, yet translucent formula that feels like second skin and can be built up for more impact. In a palette of brights and pastels — and must-have shade of grey — these eight colours are so beautiful, we want them all. Favourite shades for us are Asagi Blue, a dewy pale blue with a shot of indigo and Yamabuki Yellow, a pure sunshine yellow that takes its name from the beloved flower. 

Shiseido Paperlight Cream Eye Colors
Paperlight Cream Eye Colors, $35 each

There’s a new way to shine. Laneige's BB cushion gets a glamorous update with beautifully-cut Swarovski gemstones embellishing it

Swarovski-studded Laneige BB Cushion

Diamonds are a girl's best friend. And if you can't afford to stud your makeup compact with the real deal, well Swarovksi crystals are pretty much the next best thing. Swarovski's latest collaboration with Laneige is sure to catch the eye and make it on the lust list of every beauty junkie and hoarder... oops we mean 'collector', out there. With a mini constellation of star-shaped crystals, this limited edition compact adds a dash of luxe to your lifestyle. Taking its name from the brightest star, Xirius, these gracefully-cut gems are specially designed for a chic, understated presentation on your compact, while the diamond pattern is imprinted on the cushion surface itself for a clever touch.

Swarovski-studded Laneige BB Cushion
Swarovski-studded Laneige BB Cushion $59

Laneige's cushion compact already holds the key to an easily achievable, flawless complexion, but now you have the chance to jazz up your makeup routine with a pretty design. If you love this edition, note that it will available in two of the Cushion formulas: Whitening and Pore Control. The former brightens the complexion and also moisturizes skin, while the latter refines the pores for a smoother, even-textured look on the face. We expect these will be snapped up pretty quickly, so set your calendar reminders for the 7th of this month and grab these while you still can.

Clinique debuts a new all-star squad for its Pep-Start collection

Clinique Pep-Start collection
The existing Pep-Start collection

Between juggling your dream internship (or job) with your social calendar and later-gramming it all, going through the motions of a 12-step skincare regime is the last thing a busy millennial will religiously stick to. Here to shave off three-quarters of a tediously long routine and unnecessary bathroom hogging is Clinique with an even better Pep-Start collection, adding on to their on-the-go series with new-in products that'll have you winning at skincare. For a routine that'll get you out the door in a snap, check out the Pep-Start goodies you need right now:

1. Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask, $39
You haven't experienced speed masking until you try this Clinique innovation. An all-in-one that refines, purifies, and deeply cleanses, the unique formula transforms into a foaming mask once you massage the gel into the skin. This is literally bubble power that whisks away debris and dirt with a side of exfoliation to give you a makeup-ready canvas. Bonus: It takes all of two minutes and is lightweight enough to be used every other day.

Clinique Pep-Start Double Bubble Purifying Mask

2. Pep-Start Hydrorush Moisturizer, $50
A moisturiser that simultaneously functions as sunscreen with SPF 20? Genius. The new Hydrorush is not just packed with hyaluronic acid and peptides to hydrate, smooth, control oil and boost your natural collagen levels; it's even got anti-oxidants, anti-irritants and barrier strengthening ingredients to ward off daily environmental damage. Hello, dream skin.

Pep-Start Hydrorush Moisturizer

3. Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask and Pout Perfecting Balm, $28 each
We know it says 'night' on the tube, but if you're looking for a quick lip treatment on top of overnight hydration and repair, this rich, restoring mask doubles as a prep step for lipstick to go on flawlessly. And for the perfect plumped pout with a healthy tint, pick up a juicy shade or three with these new balms — which you can wear alone or under your favourite lippie, by the way ­— for colour that comforts and conditions.

Clinique Pep-Start Pout Restoring Night Mask and Pout Perfecting Balm
From L – R: Pout Restoring Night Mask, Pout Perfecting Balm in Cherry, Tangerine and Guava

Loving these babies and I wish to have them!

Okay a HUGE SHOUTOUT for Laneige, Shiseido and Clinique and if you have spare time to send me over some gifts then my mailing address is always open.

*all prices are in SGD

xoxo, Blair


  1. I've not tried any of these but they sure look good!

    1. Oh Shin this is your opportunity to try these goodies :)

  2. You have got an eye for fashion products.. Great reviews..

  3. Great list. I would love to get my hand on Swarovski-studded Laneige BB Cushion. Look so lovely.

    1. Me too! And when it's empty, I will try my best to recycle it, or pour BB cream to make my own cushion.

  4. This is interesting. I love the cream eye colours - for the right colour pop. Cheers!!

  5. Thanks for keeping a close eye on the latest trends and products for us. I am one lazy woman and depend on your insights in makeup and skincare!

    1. Thank you Emily! Ah you stick around I'll be your beauty bitch lah :)

  6. i love the Laneige BB cushion! so pretty! love the packaging!

  7. Heaven knows I would love to get my hands on those Shiseido liners.. they are so nice

  8. Wow! So many brands to watch out! I am leaning on the Laniege BB Cushion since I heard beauty bloggers rave about it. Thanks for sharing the good news dear.

    1. You are always welcome. Am eyeing for that Laneige too! I would say no for some little sparkle.

  9. My favorite brand is Laneige 😍 Their lip products are 💕

  10. gosh.. wish to own all of them. i guess never too much of beauty makeup products for us girls =)

    1. I know dear. it is our simple pleasure (actually not too simple coz they are expensive) but we deserve these goodies!

  11. I love Clinique skincare products so much. The sunblock is the best. I love Laneige BB cushion too.

    1. We have the same taste on beauty skincare Betty!

  12. Those eyeshadow colour look so dope, but so afraid to wear cream eyeshadow though. LOL

    & the Inkstroke eyeliner brush look really innovative.


    1. The eyeliner looks like a painting brush. I think it will be more easy to apply the eyeliner.

  13. I'm eyeing the laneige cushion it's just so pretty to resist the packaging sometimes

    1. I know right! I was thinking if I have this, I would be hesitant to throw it away once emptied, so I will recycle it because its too pretty!

  14. Yes! will take note on that! I like the eyeliner.

  15. I have to admit I love Clinique but other than that I've not heard of any of these, I will have to check them out!

    1. Yes please and hope you'll love Clinique's latest collection.


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