The Palace Museum Rolls Out a New Unique Cosmetics Series

Today, a series of unique cosmetics by the Palace Museum are to debut on the China Screen at New York Times Square tenanted by Xinhua Screen Media Co., Ltd. 

Inspired by the traditional aesthetics of the royal palace, the design exhibits ancient nobilities' indulgence in intriguing beauty of perpetually interchanging four seasons, and yet the abstinence of humble display of inner beauty. Enhanced by the royal court formula, the exquisite herbal concentrated cushion compacts provide an instant enriched look with a natural long-last finish.

The packaging of the cushion compacts was inspired by Chinese antiques appreciation. Chinese people devote particular care to internal and external qualities, and items that have not been artificially processed. The cushion compact to be introduced is fully capable of hydrating and nourishing skin, a perfect touch to convey the unique temperament of beauty advocated by traditional Chinese.

The design concept draws inspiration from a series of showpieces collected by the Palace Museum, and incorporates some showpiece themes, including Buddha's-hand, flower antiques, pine, bamboo and plum (three durable plants in winter), persimmon (a symbol of good luck) into the exquisite design of the casing.

Both the appearance and color of the cushion compacts are based upon national treasures enshrined by the Palace Museum within the same color spectrum: red glazed lagenae of the Emperor Kangxi from Lang Yao, replica of blue glazed plum bottle of the Emperor Yongzheng, replica of celestial sphere bottle with twine lotus pattern of the Emperor Qianlong, and the Song Dynasty azure glaze round wash from Ru kiln.

To cater for the various tastes and preferences, users can feel free to combine different cases and refills to their hearts' content.

Available in 4 shades, the cushion compact blends seamlessly with skin, hide blemishes, conceal imperfections, and can create either a radiant natural matte finish or a shimmering glow effect.
The products to be released use the traditional "color" as a clue to explore artistic conception and expression of traditional aesthetics in modern life, and strive to interpret traditional culture and philosophy through its unique color matching and pattern design. 

Rooted in traditional culture, each character of this original series carries a profound meaning, with crane the bird, "HE" in Chinese, representing good fortune; "XI", happiness and good luck; "JUE", perception and experience, a unique sense of life, and "SE", all things in nature.

An incredible embodiment of elegance and style, this line of cosmetics serves perfectly as the bridge between consumers and traditional culture, combining the pristine skincare benefits with the magic ingredients of wisdom and grace.

The Palace Museum limited-edition makeup collection

Apparently, this is not the first time that The Palace Museum released its own makeup collection for their fans. Last December 2018, The Palace Museum also released its limited-edition lipsticks. Online buyers snapped up more than 100,000 lipsticks developed by the Palace Museum within four days of their launch earlier this month, helping to turn the historic landmark into a trendy consumer brand.

What captured their hearts was the lipstick’s elegant packaging inspired by the national treasures on display in the museum – patterns from traditional Chinese porcelain and royal embroideries. Featuring the fairy cranes, lucky deer, butterflies and bees, and embellished by flowers like hydrangea and chrysanthemum, the patterns on the packaging shows a refined traditional Chinese beauty. Besides, by the use of 3D printing, the packaging also presents the texture of embroidery, which makes it nearly a delicate art piece.

The lipsticks have hyaluronic acid inside as an ingredient, which not only moisturizes the lips in winter times but also helps relieve wrinkles on them.

Other collection are eyeshadows and cheek blush. These are perfect souvenir, and also a one of a kind gift.

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