Urban Bride: AngelaBaby and Huang Xiaoming, China's Wedding of the Year

This past week, the hot topic on China's Weibo- and WeChat-sphere was the wedding of actors Huang Xiaoming and Angela Yeung (better known as Angelababy), a stereotypically fairytale event held at the very romantic Shanghai Exhibition Center.

Attended by nearly 600 guests, among them celebrities like Li Bingbing, Shu Qi, Chiling Lin, and Hong Kong filmmaker John Woo, on the surface the event was just another entertainment-industry spectacle. But looking at it on a deeper level, Huang and Yeung's wedding is an interesting reflection of the current state of luxury branding and marketing in China in 2015.

 For starters, the event was heavy on product placement to the point of saturation -- not terribly unexpected, considering the bride and groom endorse everything from Tissot watches and Samsonite Red luggage to Coach accessories and Meitu phones.

Product placement ran the gamut from Yeung's 10 million yuan ($1.6 million), six-carat diamond Chaumet Josephine wedding ring -- currently with over 95,000 likes on Instagram -- as well as every other bit of (similarly Chaumet) jewelry worn by the bride and groom. (Which, strangely, hasn't been promoted on Chaumet's Weibo page yet.) Yeung's wedding dress came from Dior, while other dresses, like the one that appears in her Paris-shot wedding photos, came from the likes of Elie Saab. Gift boxes supplied to guests included chocolate supplied by Dove as well as the aforementioned Meitu phones.

10 million yuan ($1.6 million), six-carat diamond Chaumet Josephine wedding ring (OMG!)

The cake itself is 2.5 meters high, took cake makers around a month to complete.

The couple reportedly invited around 600 guests to the Shanghai Exhibition Center, chosen because Huang said he wanted to fulfill the bride's childhood dream of getting married in a castle.

More than 200 florists worked together to decorate the wedding site, named as the Princess's Garden of Eden.

Of course, they also have the traditional Chinese wedding!

Wang Sicong, son of China's richest man, was one of the groom's best man.


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